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FORCE team rafting



Discover a forward-thinking culture that welcome to the table all perspectives, strengths and skills because we know that diverse ideas breed better results.

Working at FORCE also means:

  • Benefiting from a flexible schedule with teleworking

  • Annual performance bonus

  • Complete group insurance

  • Group retirement saving plan

  • Employee Health and Sports activities Program

  • Access to real mentoring and coaching for the next generation of professional

  • Agility that a Small and Medium Enterprise offered

REM - Precast segmental conrete
  • Civil engineer
    Responsible for bridge and engineering structure projects; Perform modeling, finite element calculations and actively participate in design; Produce expert technical reports; Carry out on-site inspections to monitor execution; Mentor junior engineers. Apply now
  • Graduates and internships
    Under the supervision of an experienced engineer : Participate in the design of civil engineering projects; Design drawings; Perform engineering analyses and studies; Produce expert reports; Perform site inspections; Learn engineering project management. Apply now
  • Civil engineering technician
    Collaborate in design sessions with the team; Take charge of CAD drawings for bridge and engineering structure projects; Ensure coordination and quality of deliverables; Prepare engineering documents in collaboration with engineers; Use software and prepare sketches in coordination with the engineer. Apply now
  • Draughtsman/Designer
    Produce 2D and 3D drawings using Autocad and Revit software; Produce construction details using CAD tools; Participate in the drafting of technical reports; Perform self-checking of work; Coordinate interface problems with the engineer; Coordinate with contractual documents. Apply now
  • Junior Civil Engineer
    Participate in the design of civil engineering projects with the engineer; Design plans and installation drawings; Perform technical analysis, modeling and finite element calculations with various software packages; Produce expert reports in cooperation with the engineer; Carry out site inspections as directed by the engineer. Apply now
  • Structural engineer
    Actively participate in building design; Analyze and design concrete, steel and wood structures; Mentor less experienced engineers; Perform design modeling and finite element calculations with various software packages; Ensure drawings meet project requirements; Develop construction methods. Apply now
  • Unsolicited application
    Want to apply for a position that is not posted ? Apply now
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