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Civil engineering consultant, steel superstructure, REM - Reseau Express Metropolitain, bridge jacking

About Us





The company FORCE was born from a common passion for engineering and many years of experience implementing practical solutions. Charles Brassard & Alexandre Brassard have joined their forces to form a strong and efficient team to meet the challenge of today's engineering. Our culture of excellence is based on the following 3 foundations.


Our Foundation


Engineering is a small world. This is why we see every relationship as a partnership with FORCE. Communication and simplification of the engineering process is key to our customers. This help us everyday to gain & maintain the trust from our partners!


The FORCE experience is define by the quality of our services, our level of responsiveness to clients & our reliable commitment for the sucess of your project.


Every project brings its own set of challenges. We are accountable and participate actively to solve issues in the execution process from start to the end of every mandate.

Delivering Better Engineering for a Better Tomorrow

Our mission

Bring engineering and construction together for a better quality of execution.

Our vision

Design the best practical solution for each challenge.

Our values

Excellence, Dynamism, Ingenuity.

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